Gnocchi war

In the world of Cookland, there were two main cities: Bakyland and Saltown. The first one is were all sweet and soft ingredients lived, and the second one, the salt and sour. For centuries both cities have hated each other. Bakyland ingredients were too narcissist and they were always making fun of Saltown because even the same ingredients were more ugly there! To take revenge on them, Saltown ingredients were always trying to ruin their beautiful creations and, with time, they built a transparent wall that would separate them. It had to be transparent, otherwise, how would they be able to hate each other?
But there was one thing that both cities despised more than each other: the Hand! 
From time to time, a mysterious gigantic hand would appear from the sky, grab some ingredients, disappear between the clouds, and they never saw them again... 
They learnt to live with it but every time it would appear, chaos would rule both towns. The major problem was that the Hand would only take the youngest ingredients, so the elderlies were worried that one day they would all perish. 
Mr Tuber, the creator of all potatoes in Saltown, decided to call a meeting with the councils of both towns. 
-Greetings all, thank you for coming! I believe there is a very important issue we should discuss: how to defeat the Hand, once and for all!
All ingredients started to whisper: is he crazy?, has he gone nuts?, Nuts is not here, has he lost his roots?
-Silence! Hear me out, please!
They all waited, curious and wary. 
-I don't remember life without the Hand. But I do remember when we would try to fight it and the losses were almost none! Especially when we used the gnocchi cannon... 
-What is that?!
Mr Tuber ignored the question and carried on.
-My fellow ingredients, the reason why the Hand kidnaps our younger ones is that it mixes them to create new things... new dishes... 
-The Devil! -someone shouted.
Doubting rumours went around the room.
-What do you know about, you old wrinkly tasteless potato?!
-Hear me out, I beg! I've been beyond the borders of our towns. And I've seen how things work out there, they mix us, cook us, and then eat us! -everyone gasped in horror- If we don't do anything we won't survive!
-What can we do?! -Mr Tiny Egg asked. 
-I'm the last ancestor of all, so I'm the only one that knows how to build the gnocchi cannon. Now, for it to work in its full power we will need four sacrifices...
-We won't sacrifice ourselves! -Ms Bakypow said. 
-Then our only option is to sit and watch how that monster wipes us all!
Everyone went silent. No one left but they didn't like the plan either. 
-Is there no other way? -Ms Oily asked. 
-I'm afraid not... 
-Then go on, Mr Tuber, tell us the plan. 
They all listened, carefully and with dismay. In the end, they all agreed to follow the plan and to defeat the Hand once and for all. 
They quickly arranged everything, as they didn't know exactly when was the next attack. They prepared the cannon: a weirdly shaped box with three little windows that said boiling, mixing, shaping; an aperture on the top and another one on the side. Once it was positioned in the middle of Saltown, they explained the plan to the rest of the ingredients, camouflaged the cannon and the four pledges and waited. 
It looked like a normal day in both cities when the Hand suddenly appeared in the sky, marching through the clouds, ready to kidnap!
When it was close enough, Ms Oily and Banany discovered themselves and shouted:
-Gnocchi attaaaaack!! 
She turned on the cannon and, while the rest of the ingredients run for their lives, she, Mr Tuber, Mr Tiny Egg and Ms Bakypow climbed at the top and jumped inside. Banany was left behind to direct the gnocchi towards the monster. 
The Hand managed to trap two marshmallows, and it was about to grab a third when the green light of the cannon turned on. 
-Fireeee! -Shouted Banany. 
She pointed the cannon at the Hand and started shooting. Flamed gnocchi flew across the town to the other one and hit the monster on the thumb. The marshmallows scaped and the ingredients cheered for the victory. But the fight wasn't over. 
The Hand started going towards the cannon, so Banany kept shooting. One after another one, the flamed gnocchi hit the monster, but it wasn't retrieving. Banany was running out of the mix, so on a last desperate try, she loaded all that was left to create the ultimate giant flamed gnocchi ever. She aimed at the Hand and shot! 
The attack was so powerful that the Hand got launched towards the horizon. 
Victory! All ingredients broke into joyful screams, hugged each other and cheered Banany. 
They never had to worry again about the Hand, the wall that separated them got destroyed and, instead, between both cities, built a monument to commemorate their brave heroes. 
The end. 


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