An apology

He was driving through the desert, following the violet and pink sunset. He just killed a man and he didn't care. Or did he?
It happened in a cave. He had followed his target there. 
-What are you doing here?
-We need to talk. 
-I told you I'm still mad about the other night. Now go away, I have to work. 
-I don't get what you are going to take pictures of here. This place is dead. 
-I have to go into the cave, it's for the "in the dark" photography project. You know, the professor is a bit of an asshole. 
-Am I? Then at least let me help with the equipment. 
They went together, once at the entrance they used the torch of their phones to walk through a few galleries. 
-Here is ok. 
-Can you stop that for a second and hear me out?
-What is to hear? You ridiculized me in front of my friends and treated me like shit. 
-What did you want me to do?! I was with my friends too. I couldn't 
-Couldn't let them know that we fuck? That you prefer me than your wife? Or is it more about your job?
-Ok, ok, I get it... I'm a jerk. 
-Yes, you are. 
-Look, I'm sorry. I really am. I was drunk and I panicked. Please, forgive me. 
-. . . I forgive you. I guess I am the idiot of the two.
-You are my idiot. 
They kissed in the dark, and they made love on the dusty floor. It was perfect. But he couldn't lose it all for that. He grabbed the camera by the lens, rose it, and after a last kiss, while he was still caressing his face, he hit him as hard as he could. 
One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Breath. 
He felt the transparent crystals of the lens shattered on top of his hand. He turned on the torch and used the clothes of this dead lover to clean the blood on him. He then dressed up and left. 
He didn't care. He clearly did not care. For not once he thought of what would happen if he got caught. He drove back home, back to his wife, back to his life. 


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