Thoughts in a church

Why should I be happy? Because I'm privileged? There are others better off than me. Look at all those. Living their life as if nothing bothers them. My food is running low and I don't think going out is a good idea. It took me ages to get this position, next to the big high stained glass window, where everything is red, even the rain and the thunders. 
I know they observe me from the shadows. They are waiting for me to leave, Bout this is my home now. Mine. Only mine. Jokes on them 'cause I'm injured and I cannot even walk. I can see a spider but it's far. I'll wait until it comes closer. 
I hear the noise coming from the ground floor. Someone has open the door again. If I could move, I would quickly go out and get food and water. But I'm still not strong. If I would have to fight when I return, I would lose. I cannot leave my little red world. I'll wait for another spider to come. 
I can feel their eyes on me. And I hear the creeks on the wood when they move. A shot almost hit me the other day but, if I concentrate on the red little ones outside, everything is ok. I can move from one corner of the beam to the other. I'm getting better and I managed to make a nest. 
If it wasn't for the spiders I would be dead. I tried to go outside but I know what "get the Manchester" means. And they are waiting for me. I have to leave. I can see the bugs on the other side and I want them. It's also mating time. And bugs. Mating. Bugs. Mating. Bugs. Ma...
The door is open. Time to fly and find my pigeon. 


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